2016 - 2017

Welcome to Social Studies 11!

I am hoping that you will enjoy this class as much as I will!

This website has been created to help you review each unit as we move through the course...and was made to help students prepare for the Provincial Exam. Now that we no longer have to worry about that exam - some of the material here will not be necessary for you - however you may still find it interesting and helpful (in your preparations for unit tests).

I will give updated outlines in class where some of the terms you see on this site will be italicized....and this will signify that I will not be testing those terms as I do not feel they are key to a larger understanding of the concepts we are focusing on.

I will not be updating the site as SS 11 will no longer be offered as a course beyond this year - so there will not be many updates here! However, I hope you find the site valuable.


Mr. Searcy (Mr. S.) (Searc)
Welcome to Mr. Searcy's Social Studies Page! Here you will find everything Social Studies ish. Enjoy!

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