Time To Study!

FIrst - Set aside a place and a time each day that you can work at your Socials.

Step 1 - Try one of the Provincial Exams (Create thesis statements for essays and consider how you would prove your arguments)
Step 2 - Identify areas you need to improve on (Answer keys are online)
Step 3 - Go to the Unit Outlines of those 'weaker' areas and go through key questions and terms
Step 4 - Use your notes, text, friends or videos (on Provincial Exam Review Tab here) to learn these terms (Use index cards or posters or ...)
Step 5 - Go back to Step 1 (One more time) - (After second time go to Step 6)
Step 6 - Do the theme Review Sheets handed out in class -
Step 7 - Try the final Provincial Exam
Step 8 - Relax - You are as ready as you can be...best thing to do is to get a good sleep and be confident!

The Unit Outlines, Provincial Exams, and Provincial Exam Review Videos are all here!
Welcome to Mr. Searcy's Social Studies Page! Here you will find everything Social Studies ish. Enjoy!

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